Sunday, October 3, 2010

Burnt Orange

This polish came as a freebie from an eBay seller. It is little, but very unique! It might be similar to WnW Rustic. I don't have many like this, especially in the salon lines. It's hard for me to pop $8 for orange nail polish! (although I've got umpteen bottles of purple that are probably so similar, you'd have to use a microscope to see the differences!)

I don't know how old it is, but it's a color that evokes many memories of 1970's cars.

It is a metallic, it also shows brushstrokes and isn't really flat or chrome-like. It's pretty! Perfect for October!

I thought I'd try to layer it a couple ways, too. You know I am kind of a layering fan.

Here it is with Ulta's Gold Digger:

This is a bit of a messy application! Sorry!!
On the index and ring finger are 2 coats.
On the middle and pinkie 1 coat.

The problem here was a bit of a formula one: Ulta Gold Digger seemed to melt the 3 well-set coats of the NoName orange! It was ghastly! It never really dried and I wiped it off. Fail!
I don't know what it was in the Ulta polish, but it was not a marriage made in heaven!

Then I tried my Princessa Melon. This came with that fantastically wonderful Martian Jade. It is a sheer that never builds, even after 5 coats. A pretty orange/pink coral and somehow it's kind of blah alone because of the sheerness.

I put a coat over the no name burnt orange:

Much glowing goodness!

I have to say that this combo is quite nice!!
If I had better skills at cleaning up the edges, I would say that you couldn't even tell it was two polishes.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That first polish is really a pretty shade! Another melting polish mishap. Very strange.

  2. Yes, and the chemistry was nearly identical on the ingredient list, too!
    I love this gold, but it may not love my polishes.


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