Friday, September 10, 2010

Mixing it Up

This is a mixup in many ways:

China Glaze On The Rocks and E.L.F. Deep Red

I had my bottle of E.L.F Deep Red in my hand, and somehow it flew out of the bottle and onto my fingers! There was only half left. Top it off it was getting murky and thick despite Poshe' thinner drops having been added.
It's autumn and I'm a little reminiscent because it's closing in on the first anniversary of my blog.
E.L.F. isn't all the great shakes: it's a little chippy, a little goopy, but it's actually not the worst. They are quick to jump on color trends, and at a dollar a bottle, even the Dollar Tree can't keep pace resurrecting oldies that have been made into goodies by the boutique brands.

I took the Deep Red E.L.F. and poured it into a 1/3 WnW Mega-Last bottle that was filled with some random clear polish. It came out jelly. I added it to the two coats already on and feel like it's a nice red jelly for a future attempt at a syrup manicure.

Later I fished around and sorted drawers of polishes. I nearly poured all bottles on my bed to sort by brand. I am soon to be in possession of every Kaleidoscope and OMG polish by China Glaze, and I wanted to keep the family together, but it was hard trying to find them. I thought I lost DV8, and really was wondering if it rolled into my closet, when I re-examed my two green drawers.

And there she was. On The Rocks.

I ordered this on my first etailer order. It's one of my first China Glazes!

I thought about polishes like Embroidered Emerald by Misa, Bruised by Urban Decay and other deep purples with a flash of blue or green and put some over the E.L.F Deep Red.

I think it's a wonderful combination. I also feel like it would be really nice over a deep purple creme, or even sandwiching between a couple coats of a jelly. I may try both.

I guess this is the nail polish version of "shopping the closet"

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Hey! Thank you so much!!
    It's a great combo!!!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks so much!
    I kind of think I might use it again for a franken, too!

  3. This calls for a second look, super cute and chic!

  4. Hey thanks!

    I think it's still at Victoria Nail Supply (I'm not affiliated at all)

  5. Gorgeous layering combination. I think I have all of the China Glaze holos and the others you talked about. I wish I could get all the other OPI DS Series. I have quite a few but not all.

  6. Yeah, I just ordered a back up bottle when I got some of the China Glaze Christmas collection! Woot!


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