Friday, August 13, 2010

When Layering Goes Ooooh! AAaaaah!!!

Flip the bad into good. Make lemonade. Carpe Nail Polish! ("sieze the nail polish!")

We had a spate of rain. As an aside, around here it's dry farming. Elevation is about 2500 feet, so winters are cold and summer hot, but it cools off nicely at night. There is wheat, beans and lentils (are lentils beans? Heck if I know, but they are tasty with cracked wheat!) out here by the mile. When I ride after harvest it's like the face of the moon in a cut wheat field, and I can go for several miles before I see another road.
Rolling hills means it's not the plains, but a unique geology of deep soil layered over basalt. Many geologists actually come here because there is so much geological history.

When a rain storm comes in, it comes from the west or south west and it often starts with wind, then lightening and thunder. A couple years ago in June we got 2 inches of snow. Hail is almost always the preamble to a bit of rain if a thunder storm brings it in.

By the time it settles in, you've been smelling the rain for at least an hour and, know it's been coming and it's a calm lull as the rain patters down, like a lullaby.

Here's my layering homage to rainstorms with hail and a bit of a kick.

Start with a 3 coat layer of WetnWild Rain Check. A gray periwinkle (Periwinkle? Did someone say periwinkle? Now I've got three bottles of it!)
A few bubbles, and very faint on the first coat. I was worried, but it built up nicely. Shimmer frost? It's a little frosty for sure.

Then I layered on a coat of Maybelline Silver Spells. Someone on the MUA NB posted a manicure with Silver Spells and it was a HOT lemming of mine, I was lucky to find it on eBay.
One coat. And you could probably put any silver hex glitter, the new Revlon glitters would work, too!

It's an amazing combination alone! I wore it one day w/some top coat.

Then I cracked out Sally Hansen Silver Lining. It's one of her new Salon polishes in the bulbous bottle. Quite the polish alone, but a much better layering polish.
This is one coat, too. I feel any sheer silver would work, but Silver lining has that blue/silver thing with the particles that worked especially well with the WnW base.

I took these photos on a rainy day. It was still gorgeous.

A couple days later the sun came out.


How 'bout dat?

I mean, come on!!!!

Match made in heaven or what?????

Can it get better?

Well, yes, ironically, IT CAN!!!

I took a bottle of Maybelline Express Finish Violet Water and put it over the top.

Someone call an ambulance because I think I am going to pass out!!!!

The pale violet color kills!!!

Now I've been wearing this whole thick layering thing for about 5 days, there are cracks in the polish but no chips and tipwear is nominal. Very impressive. I've been riding every other day, even had sunstroke, and that includes me getting my head dowsed so I can cool down. (why I am riding in 90 degree heat is beyond me. I'm a total idiot) So, in a nutshell, I'm handling a lot of water between me getting dowsed, my horse getting sponged off, and showering because, hey, horses stink!

Here are the photos of it with 2 coats of Maybelline Express Finish Violet Water (all the way from the UK, I never found it in Dollar Tree)

The cracks, I think, are from NYC shiny top coat, but it's been  about 8 days on this manicure, and no chips. I put a coat of Borghese Perfetto to "melt" the cracks together, then another of the top coat, so it's going to come off soon, but I have to say, I was reluctant to remove it!

A close up:


ps I realize now, that the cracks are from a New York Color Shiny Top Coat that I was using on it, I've used it on several other manicures and it cracked, wrinkled, and messed up a bunch. I drained the bottle and will use the empty for frankens. Still, even with the crack, that Borghese Magnetico base coat has been worth every dime I paid at Ross, it's been a stellar sticky base coat, I rarely have a chip, and I wore this manicure for about 8 days and it never pulled or chipped.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. You are on a roll! You've got me lemming Wet n Wild Rain Check! How do you make it look so much prettier than in the bottle? I always pass this one by. Maybe I have to have it!


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