Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainbows and Unicorns!

I found a manicure on the Makeup Alley Nail Board that I was entranced by.

Hey! (I thought) I could do THAT!

This is the blog link:

All Lacquered Up CosmoProf Round Up

I won't post the photo because I don't have permission to do so, however if you scroll down you will see a dark charcoal manicure with some holographic glitter on top.

So, below, is my copy:

I used the following:

1) no name dark charcoal shimmer. This was in a 5-pack at Ross. I've used the nude before as well as the gold (the seashell post w/gold over pink). This was 3 coats and MAN(!!!) did it dry fast! I secretly want to find out WHO manufactures these polishes! They wear well, dry fast and are easy to use! This is why I am not a brand snob. You never know what you will find out there!
2) Cover Girl City Lights. A good standby! Generous with the glitter!
3) Borghese Perfetto, this is for trying to drag the holo glitter down into the nail a little more. Not 100% success, but still, practice doesn't hurt!

Close up:

This was all taken under a daylight corrected lamp, so the holo glitter doesn't quite stand out.

But, it was fun trying out something new!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. The charcoal polish in this post looks very much like one I picked up in a set at Big Lots. If it is, then the manufacturer is Markwins - the same folks who make Wet N Wild, Tropez, and Black Radiance.

  2. Ha!
    Thank you so much!!!

    I love these!!! They are nameless, label-less little things that wear so well!!

    Markwin, wow, they are everywhere! I just posted about a Calvin Klein polish that I got from a UK eBay seller, turns out it was Markwin!

    Thanks again!!!


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