Monday, August 23, 2010

I Pull My Old Blue Jeans On

I finally own ALL ten bottles that consist of the Maybelline Denim Collection.


I love periwinkle blue, in fact, it's a bit silly, I mean I don't run around in periwinkle loungewear, but I do have some shirts, and bedsheets. OK, then there are some other things: NAIL POLISH!!!

The Denim Collection is ostensibly based on jeans, but it's loaded with great variations of periwinkle.

I don't have them swatched, this will come, but I really wanted to get the bottles up on a post. I took the photos on a hot day and the blue of the polish was fabulous!

From left to right:
Jaded Blues
Stone Washed
Boot Leg
Zip Fly
Indigo Blues

From left to right:
Button Fly
Hip Huggers
Five Pocket
Jean Jacket
Blue Riders

It's really like the perfect collection. I mean, let's get real, shall we? All I would want is a collection that is all green, all blue, all purple, etc. I don't need a bunch of obligatory reds, a nude/beige/ pink or some berry polish. Keep them all!

These need a lot of restorative drops before I swatch.

For anyone who is jonesing after blue here are the photos of each bottle.

Hip Huggers:
A beautiful blue/gray periwinkle lavender. It's pulling a little blue in this photo, but the gist is that it's grayish, muted, and pretty nice!

Indigo Blues:
Bright navy that is really nice blue, not pulling greenish or a maritime blue. Yes!
There is some faint indication of glitter particles, but not really enough to call it glitter. Odd.

Button Fly:
Perhaps the most perfect periwinkle in the form of nail polish? Sweeter than Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue, which tends to want to go deep, this a modest periwinkle with a softer cast to it.

Jaded Blues:
This was a hard one to find:  Patience won out.
Green duochrome with that bright sunny blue shimmer base.

Zip Fly:
A navy with a glitter. I have also got Twinkle Twinkle, they are similar, but this is bluer, brighter navy than TT. I will do a comparison swatch.

More glittery. In the bottle it reminds me of the Maybelline "Aluminum" polishes.

Stone Washed:
Another hard one to fine! As above, very reminiscent of the "Aluminums", this one perhaps even more so. Gorgeous Shimmer!!!

Blue Riders:
Rich and dark. Like a periwinkle version of "royal blue". SWEET!

Jean Jacket:
Brighter than Blue Riders, and a bit warmer of a shimmer.

Five Pocket:
Possibly the dark horse in the group!
Everyone thinks Jaded Blues is so awesome for its duochrome? Well, heads up, this baby has a fuschia duochrome. It's hard to see in the photo, the sun was bright, but at the top of the line of polish around the edge you can see hinds. In the swatch, I hope it will show it more.

Well, thanks for sharing my excitement!! This is my favorite collection, bar none. I love it!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I like Zip Fly,Bootleg,and Stonewashed the best,but I haven't seen them swatched yet,so that could change. I wish I had these where I live.

  2. Frazzle and Aniploish is having a Giveaway!!!

    Do check it out!


  3. Wow! Hip Huggers, Button Fly and Zip Fly are my favourites but they all look great. Looking forward to seeing the swatches :-)

  4. I am going to work on that this weekend! School just started, so I'm trying to do more groups of photos on the weekends.
    Thanks for your comment!

  5. I love Hip Huggers!
    I'm your new follower. Really like your blog.
    Maybe you can visit mine sometime:

  6. Jackie, I hear you! I was going ape in the Dollar Tree when I found them. They still remember me down there. Oooopsie!

    Melanie, Thank you! I will check you out!

    If any one wants to post your blog in comments do it, I follow them all, I am bad I do forget to check out everyone's ID in the "Thanks Folks" section! Sorry!

    I will filter spammers, but blogs, go for it!

    I am hoping at the beginning of 2011 I can work on a blog roll.
    I'm kind not sure about how, but will figure it out!

    Thanks all! I appreciate your comments!


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