Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cinderella, Cinderella!

I am not sure how I missed not posting this one.

Here is a little franken I made with some drops from that Zulu dupe I attempted a while back. I had a bottle this milky WetnWild "Rock Solid" with diamond dust (and probably other glittery things) in it that just needed a new and better life than as a boring milky white. I will say, as an aside, if you see these sets in Ross, where I found this, do grab them. The tangerine top coat I used in a previous post is phenomenal over corals. I will post about this later. The sets are $3.99 and have four top coats and a clear. Great for layering. Probably primo for frankening, but this was the only one I pulled for a franken.

So, as usual I get sidetracked, however, this was a pretty easy one. A few drops of that dark green, a wee bit of blue and the pale aqua family had a new member!

(from left to right: SH Marble, Diamond Cosmetics Seafoam, Maybelline Colorama Emerald, China Glaze For Audrey, my franken, and Princessa Tangi-My-Night)

Here is a close up, you can see the glittery "diamond" flakes and glitter pieces, they make this have a subtle shimmer.
I used a now-retired Sally Hansen base coat so the franken would show up better. It's a little sheer, not bad, but a white beneath it helps.

Finally some nail shots:

I guess I have caught up on all the frankens for now. Right now I'm going through my polishes, I just went through a bunch of rose/mauve colors. I also have worn some of the Essie Art of Spring collection (a bit of a disappointment, but a layering success, more on that soon!).
Overall, I have a few photos I've got to edit and get up here!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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