Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint (and some layering!)

Get your glasses on!

Mint Sprint it sa BRIGHT green!!

Dash it all! I'm still getting reverberations from this green!

Step back!

Here she goes!

Two coats of brightness! Neon Seafoam! (a little less bright in real life)

(This is my preparation for some neon polishes I have to be brave enough to wear!)

You saw my previous post about the brush. I've got one other polish, a dark green, that I might try to fit into the month, that seemed to be less of a hassle. Yoiks, it was just too big.

I love cremes, I do, but at heart, I must be reincarnated from a crow, because I like shininess.

I decided to pull out the Pure Ice Heart Breaker and Mint Dream.

I found these at Walmart, I am not sure where else you can find them, I hate shopping at Walmart, the nail polish section always looks like a truck ran into it. Oh, just found you can order direct from Bari Cosmetics (the same people who make those little BonBons - which really lasted!)

The results!

Excuse the typo on the photo!
I really think that this is a nice addition! Each is one coat, nothing dramatic.

I then pulled out Sally Hansen Make a Mint and put some on the thumb:

And you know, this isn't even the really nice combo I was referring to in a previous post.
This, to me, is a bit to warm for the blue of Mint Sprint.

But Heartbreaker and Mint Dream is really a great topper for this polish!

Thanks for reading!

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