Thursday, October 28, 2021

Basic Autumn Stamping

 Here is a beautiful yellow, Princessa's Picking on Waikiki stamped with Maybelline Racing Green.

All are oldies, but still beautiful. I will be posting a lot of backlogged images. Right now my nails are super short and kind of weak, not that this image couldn't have been taken yesterday! LOL. 

The Magic Garden is a plate loaded with beautiful images, best for large nails. I can't figure out if DRK is still making plates, they were out, they have polish that shows up on the limited time sales like Polish Pickup and Hella Handmade Customs, but I am not sure what the status is on plates. It's a big plate that has a bird cage in the middle, not the one with the Christian imagery. May be on the reselling facebook places or ebay etc.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal. 

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