Wednesday, October 16, 2019

H&M Liberty Girl

I really want to get some old polishes swatched. I mix old with new and I sometimes pass on things repeatedly and they sit in the drawers too long.

I think it's a little bit of stage fright with my nails. Now that they are "polygel free" I have less worries about shape and thickness, which seems to be always on my mind with Polygel.

Here is a beauty H&M Liberty Girl:

Three coats, no top coat. Pure delight. Could use more shaking, but very rich and covers well. Formula was very easy to work with.

H&M has since changed their bottles since I got this polish back in at the latest 2011 or 2012, so I know it's feeling a little vintage.

This is shot with my iPhone and with flash, so it actually pulls a tad bit more purple than it is in real life. My phone loves adding red, so I need get out of the habit of using it!

Polygel notes
So I've been without Polygel for several months and the weird thing about Polygel is that when it cures and sets up from a liquid into a solid, their is some contraction as it sets the bonds. Well, I've noticed splitting inside the nail, so it's not a flake or split near the top, but it goes along the free edge down to the portion where it attaches to the "meat". I normally don't care but realize that if I remove them again I need to remove most of the free edge. I had a center split because a long crack formed underneath and was flaking away an inner layer. Even when I clipped and filed, I could see the bonds in my nail weren't knitted as strongly as they should be.


I will be nubbing out this weekend, since my nails are too long now to support them without Polygel, and this winter I am going to be pretty busy.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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