Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Unicorn Glaze

Lollipop Lacquer's offering for the October Polish Pickup Pack was from the story The Last Unicorn. Based on the book by Peter S. Beagle.
Most people are familiar with Rankin/Bass animated movie featuring Kenny Loggins ballad of the same name. 
Heavily influenced by both the Rankin/Bass aesthetic it also pulls from the Japanese manga and animation world. 

I saw the movie in a rerun on television and really found the whole thing a bit schmaltzy, but I do like horse stuff, and I saw the movie on TV and really haven't thought of it much since. 

The book, I am sure is much better (as is usually the case) but the visuals are strong and memorable.

Lollipop Lacquer Never Ends

Three coats. This is a sheer baby, that would fall into topper or flake, but honestly if you have some patience it's worth layering. The finish is super glossy, I've got no top coat here.
It's very shifty with the flakies and the shimmer, so it never relents and becomes blah.

A deep gray-blue base loaded with a ton of stuff: red to green shifting flakies, holo particles, and some red to green shifting shimmer. It's really alive with color in a deep base that is translucent enough to catch all the action.

I missed out on it as the time limit for shopping could be a budget buster, but I was able to find it on a sales page. Yay!

Check out Lollipop Lacquer and check out the Polish Pickup Pack on Facebook. People vote on themes and indie makers interpret them. Then there is a window of just a few days to shop for well over 30 polishes, and other doodads like oils, wax melts, and other swag. It is a group you  can search for and join. 

So far I've really enjoyed seeing the way makers interpret stuff, even though I really don't buy much.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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