Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sea Glass Collection

I've seen the Pacific from both sides, east and west. I've been in it and over it, but never under it.

There are days when it is crystal blue and others where it is pale and ghost-like.

One morning, after a long drive that ended at night, I woke up at a campsite on the coast, just south of Kalaloch. I hadn't seen the Pacific for over a decade. I still remember walking over a bank of sand and there it was: wild and open and breathtaking. The wide pale beach, cobalt sky and high bright blue surf from the incoming tide. I was home.

So my homage to the sea with a sea glass collection. These are all holographic and vary from frankening existing polishes to tweaking others, to straight up mixes.

The holographic sparkle is courtesy of Spectraflair 4U. I bought a gram of 35 micron and it really went for miles and miles. 

Three coats, pale nude holo. Or, since "nude" runs the spectrum (despite what lingerie makers seem to think), I'll call this pale beige.

This is in the sunshine.

From a very old Markwin (WetnWild) polish I've had for years and years. Excellent formula and a polish I love a lot.

Here, under the lamp, it still has a good oomph.

Reminds me of the inside of a seashell.

I mixed a few things together to get this blue. I wanted to keep its personality with holo to shine on in the sun. Crisp blue sky and sparkling water.  Here it is in the sunshine.

I won't say that I captured the holo well, but this is a beautiful neutral gold, Borghese Trevi Gold, that reminded me of pale amber glass etched by the sand. I added a bit of silver to it as well as the holo.

This is Ulta Bam-blue-zled, a pretty, soft blue that was fairly sheer. Sheerness helps. I tweaked it with some other blue and some white and added the holo.

Three coats, taken in the sun.

Reminds me of a very PNW early spring day at the beach: cool, sunny, but the sun won't play very hard and wants to take a nap.

L.A. Girl Metallic Green frankened with spectraflair. A phenomenal win. Since this is a super sheer polish I have it over a dark green base.

Taken in the sun, three coats.

Reminds me of the deep woods off ShiShi beach.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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