Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zoya Oceane

A Zoya I want to love...

A green leaning deep turquoise metallic shimmer peppered fairly generously with larger sparkling particles.

Knowing Zoya as I do, I know I had to layer it with my toughest top coat: CND Vinylux. It's survived coin counting, and it's a pretty tough customer. 

I didn't make it through a whole day. And this was just typing on the computer. Nothing dramatic. No horse care, no random accidental "tool" use of my nails.

I won't say it isn't gorgeous, but for me, I can't get decent wear. 

Tip wrapping and strong top coats didn't yield much success.

While I like their multiple-free smelling formula, I sure wish I could get it to work for me. 

Meanwhile, very beautiful!

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