Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rococo Dreams

I have to admit if I could time travel (and return!) I'd hit up the French court of the Capets. They had been in power so long, so ornate, everything pushed to the level of art form, even the way you walked around the court. It would be a true pleasure to see it in real life.

Hare Polish, now currently on hiatus, produced Rococo Grandeur and it's a pretty little polish.

I put it over Color Club Blue Light

I would say that it captures a lot of the delicate shades of silk found on those panniered dresses. 


I would also recommend putting this somewhat sheer polish over China Glaze Agent Lavender, too.

I wish the base was less gray, but it is so sheer that it works well over a creme base.

I did add a bit of blue to it initially when I purchased it on a blog sale. 

Meanwhile, it captures the colors so well.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love this delicate, romantic polish! Classic Hare construction, and a perfect spring accompaniment. I always layered it over a light blue when I wore it too.

    1. I agree, it's amazing and I have too many glitters that I don't wear, but this is just so beautiful.


  2. This is a pretty one...I wondered about Hare, as I was flipping thru Etsy app the other night looking at the sellers I bought from before, and the store wasn't up...

    1. She's been having issues. I think she left Etsy awhile ago, so check out the facebook page for an update. Hope all goes well for her.


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