Thursday, April 28, 2016

Purple Jelly Comparison

Here are a pair that have been in my drawers for far too long, so I played around with them to see what I would find.

Verity Deep Violet and New York Summer Hot Purple.

Both have been the standard bearer for jellies for a long time. Now that Essie, OPI and others have trotted out some sheers like this, I think it's time I swatched these. I did find a few of the ones from OPI and Essie at T.J. Maxx, so I will try those out later on, but these have proven to be rather good polishes.

Some things: no top coat, nude base unless otherwise mentioned.

Let's start with Verity Deep Violet

This is four coats, although normally I grouse at four coats, I have zero grousing going on now: it is a great polish. It did build and it did go on with a good uniformity, which is my major "break-up" point with sheer jellies.

I love this baby. I also love the deep magenta leaning violet. No top coat and all shine. Greatness.

Here it is alternatively layered with three coats over a silver (I used Milani Art of Silver, a striper polish) :

I would say that it just wins so hard it's difficult to find a problem. I couldn't.

New York Summer Hot Purple

A much more true purple that is a tad bit more sheer. This is four coats and you can see on my middle finger that I blobbed a little extra on the corner and it darkened it. I think in general these are less forgiving of errors, so be aware.

Still, hard to fault. Very gorgeous.

Here it is layered over the same Milani silver glitter:

This is two coats, not three as I'd thought, and it really brightens up into a beautiful purple. I will add that this photo is a wee bit light and the polish pulls a touch blue in my photos, but not considerably so.

So I wanted to compare them side by side, because they aren't hugely far apart in person as they look on camera:

I blobbed them alternatively on my nails and you can see that the major difference is that one is purple and one is a red violet shade.

Finally I did alternating layers over silver:

You can see where the combo really does work out well.

I want to add another thing: I wore this manicure for a solid week of really using my hands to do things like pick up coins, groom my horse, etc, and it wore like iron. Seriously better than my CND Vinylux top coat! I was really surprised.

I will peek at the OPI Color Paints I've been acquiring, but these do stand on their own.

I found mine online at Transdesign, aka Nail Supplies. I think they are stellar polishes.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Love this post and all the pix of combos you tried! You don't see these brands blogged much... I have a New York Summer called Hot Sky Blue that I got from a blog sale. That Hot Purple is a lovely shade (I guess I often prefer my purple blue-toned)...

    I never got around to the OPI jellies/color paints or Essie water colors...I have a couple random of the OPI ones...untried of course!

    1. Thanks! It was a fun post. I know these are old and hard to find, but worth it, I must say!


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