Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feeling Swatchy: Five Valentine Shades

Let's just jump in....shall we? The water's fine.

Hard Candy Pretty in Punk

Three coats, no top coat.

I love this kind of pink, though I will add that the formula is more like a jelly or a crelly and yet I get good coverage in three coats. There was a time when three coats was the norm, but I get a vibe that people only want one or two. This one will sandwich over other things such as glitter and glass fleck very well.

This came from a large eBay purchase of some job lotted Hard Candy polishes. Still available online.

Milani Raspberry Fusion

Found this at the Dollar Tree. Since it was packed with glass fleck, I thought I'd see how it all played out. Both photos are taken with flash, it brought out the color very well.

Top photo: three coats, no top coat. It's sheer and it doesn't seem to build with a lot of enthusiasm.

Bottom photo: one coat over navy blue. Wow!! Super Topper!! Don your cape, and leap from high buildings, you topper hero, you!!

Still online, for those of you who are seeking a pink topper with a lot of KAPOW!

L'Oreal Seductive

More flash photography! This is three coats of L'Oreal's Steel Colour line, which, judging by the spelling of "color" to the British "colour", I am guessing for a foreign market. I have a number of these and they are absolutely beautiful shades.

I found this, along with the rest, at the Dollar Tree, and wish I had more. They are so odd, yet so nice: smallish bottles (9mL) and great formulae.

Though you can see some nail line in the photo, in real life, there is complete coverage. Like Hard Candy Pretty in Punk, this has crelly quality. Yummy!

Milani Tropical Fiesta

Oooh, Aaaah. Pink corals are high on my list of favorite colors to wear. Three coats, no top coat and a delightful glossy finish.
This is a traditional creme with that intense color payoff that verges on neon. Though some folks might call this neon - I've seen lesser colors called neon - this really isn't, just packed with gorgeous coral wallop!
Found at Dollar Tree and I was quite pleasantly surprised by this one. Easy to still find online, too!

Orly no name matte red

Here's the final entry. A matte red I found at TJ Maxx. No name label and none of my research yielded much in the way of information.
This is a matte has a bit of texture, but nothing like a true texture. I can't seem to figure out the story behind it. I wondered if it was magnetic, too, but nothing.

Top photo is matte and the bottom is with a top coat. I like that it has a red base, but a pink shimmer very much present, but not overpowering.

I can't really find it online, but if anyone knows the name of this, I'd love to know!

Hope you enjoyed the Valentine shades!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. The superhero topper comment made me grin, what a fun polish that is...

    Do you just have the most amazing Dollar Tree by your house or what? I've gotten a lot of cute LA Colors there but that is about it, there is rarely much of anything else. Or are these long past DT purchases?

    1. A couple things: I check with regularity and I check when I travel through the region.
      Also, things like the L'Oreal came through the Dollar Tree a few years ago, so it's more of a timeline thing than one wonderful Dollar Tree.
      I've been to towns where the DT is epic in comparison to my own. I really think it's a matter of checking back to see what's trickling in.
      I know that recently Milani changed all their bottles and NYC has been pulled from Walgreens and Rite Aid, so I see a lot of them. I also see Maybelline Color Show and a lot of WetnWild.

      I think it's just what's in the job lot pile that doesn't end up in Five Below, Big Lots, Ross, TjMaxx, etc.

      Ironically, I never see SH CSM. I have seen Xtreme Wear and Insta Dri, though.

      It really varies. There have been many a dry spell.


    2. Gotcha! I have a couple Dollar Tree locations to pick from, but they are a little out of the way. I have a couple Dollar Generals near home, and a couple Big Lots, and one TJ Maxx. The Big Lots and TJ Maxx are pretty sparse for polish, it's very disappointing. I do have a Five Below on my side of town, so at least that is an option if I want to go over to that area. I don't cycle through all these locations regularly tho.

    3. I think it can be iffy at best, and I will admit I don't hit them as hard as I used to while traveling. I mean I am at the point where I am less inclined to finagle a troublesome formula than I used to be. Unless the color is just right!


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