Saturday, January 30, 2016

L.A. Splash Glitters Part 1

Yet another glitter pile on!!!

L.A. Splash had come out with Golden Seahorse a few years ago and it was a pretty popular polish. I wanted it, but really wasn't sure about it, but saw multi-packs of L.A. Splash glitters in Ross and thought, well why not.

Finally getting around to blogging these. These were pretty inexpensive, but I took them out of the box a long time ago, so I don't have a price.

A few things
  • 2-3 coats each
  • no top coat
  • no special base like white, just a nude-ish thing. I did put one over navy. 
  • formula is pretty decent, no melting of base coat
  • not really full coverage glitters
Finally, I did have these all in my purge box and was going to get rid of them out of hand, but I felt like I should just gut it out and swatch them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Octopus

I think this is two coats, but probably three. It's pretty sparse. It's a holo glitter with large and small sizes mixed together. As a holo topper it's not bad, but not a full coverage polish.

Golden Seahorse

Pretty turquoise green packed with gold glitter. This is three coats and I love the coverage and formula. I can see why this was a really popular, it's a perfect combination of color and glitter in one bottle.


Three coats, deep purple glitter of small and micro size. Almost complete coverage, but not entirely. I love this shade and the color makes it a win for me. 

Ocean Sparkles

Blue shimmer with a light mix of iridescent glitter.
This one was a total surprise when I put it on, I mean this is three coats and I couldn't see it doing much building, so I popped it over navy blue. 

Much better! A pretty topper, indeed. The blue shimmer really comes out. Pretty much can bung this baby over anything and get a pretty little shimmer/glitter combo.

Pretty Jellyfish

Very similar to Ocean Sparkles inasmuch as the base is a shimmer, but it's a in between that and Golden Seahorse: some better coverage, but really more of a topper. At three coats, it seems like it's job is over something else. Pretty purple and silver glitter.

Sparkling Fuchsia

Perhaps the most beautiful of the bunch. Three coats and no complaints. I love a glitter like this, I have posted about full coverage version of this, but I don't mind a back up and a more "topper" oriented polish.

More soon!

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