Monday, December 14, 2015

Rebooting a Glitter

I have to admit, I don't seem to have a ton of luck with those crelly/glitter combos.

Either I can't get translucency, or I get too much or I seem to be unable to apply the glitter in the right way.

I'd gotten Smitten Hydrangea off a blog sale and it was a very pretty subdued blue with some glitter in it.  But.

Everyone I know has a big "but". Come on Simone, tell me about your big "but" 
- Peewee Herman

It's a bit too sheer and a bit too hard to get much glitter.

I really just decided to take control of the situation.

Smitten Hydrangea over Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau and Milani Blue Flash

Yeah, there you have it. I gave in, added some CC creme base and then the glitter then topped it all with Smitten Hydrangea.

One coat of Milani Blue Flash didn't have too strong of a blue jelly base, so it blended in well.

Here's a photo of it all without the Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau:

More blue, since CC TMTYC is very pale, one coat Milani Blue Flash and two of Smitten Hydrangea.

I believe a bright blue like a bright periwinkle or a pretty violet blue would be a great base as well for Smitten Hydrangea.

Trying to work out these glitter/crelly polishes is a fun challenge because while there are frustrations, there are wins.
(there is a part of me that wants to decant some of this polish and toss in a bit of Milani Blue Flash, it's definitely an improver)

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great quote! :D

    Th smitten polish seems to combine the two 2016 Pantone colors...which I am still trying to figure out how I feel about all that...


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