Friday, December 4, 2015

Pair of Polishes that Are Something With Something In Them

Yes, the descriptive phrase for polishes that are a thing, but yet another thing..

Aka the shimmer in the creme.

Nicole by OPI Midnight Madness

Ostensibly a black, but a black packed with blue shimmer that shifts from an aqua into a purple. My camera just didn't catch any of that love, and as hard as I tried, I wasn't really able to do this polish much justice. 

I had this in my navy polishes, but the more I look at it, the more it really belongs in with the black polishes. 

My research tells me it's from a fall 2008 NOPI collection. Most blogs have a lot of info on OPI, but not as much on Nicole by OPI. 

It is basically a black, with some blue shimmer that shifts color. If you like to wear black polish, but want to change it up, this is a nice option. Unfortunately I've turned up a blank on finding this one. Might show up on eBay, though.

Nicole by OPI Back to Reality...TV

A beautiful purple tinged gray that shifts more gray in warm light and more purple in cooler/daylight. A bit of a bear if you want to have blue during the indoor, tungsten lighting season. As we evolve toward LED and cooler lighting indoors, I wonder if our descendants will live in a bright sunny indoor world and wonder what the HECK is she talking about with tungsten lighting!!!??

This has a pretty pink shimmer that is almost impossible to photograph. 

If you look at the bottle you see all that tasty shimmer and on the nail you have to hit either the angles correctly or you need to get some flash or sunshine. 

I may, down the pike, decant some of my own topper stuff like a glass fleck pink into this. 

As with the first polish, I thought this was a lavender polish, but really it's more of a purplish gray with a shimmer that is pink. 

A gray that can change up the old gray that you think "ah well, neutral" into more of a subversive "yes, folks, I'm wearing purple to the office!" Oh the rebel in you!

All over eBay at a variety of price points. I think at that price, you could dig into one with some frankening and make it have some oomph.

Two pretty neutrals with something extra that is kind of subtle, but it's something different.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Midnight Madness is pretty! You've reminded me about the Back to Reality..TV ... Maybe I will wear that to the office Wed and Thurs...I need something that says "me" (meaning purple!), for meeting some new folks...


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