Monday, November 30, 2015

Ring In Good Cheer

I am kind of a Christmas dork.

I love old movies, I love Christmas trees, I adore colored lights, and I really like snow on Christmas day.

I am old enough to recall those big outdoor christmas lights glowing red and green.

Here are a pair of red and green polishes that needed a blogging.

Hard Candy Envy

Three coats, two coats would be fine.

This is very dark. Yet, it didn't take a ton of work to bring out the shimmer. It's not a completely blackened polish, but it does have a black base.

It's a taste issue. I love CND NFS because the shimmer is dark and because the base is the same shade, so you've got darkness, but it's just gorgeous. I feel like black is a bit of a cheat.

From that big Hard Candy lot I purchased awhile ago. I think they are easily found online.

Here it is mattified:

That ring is gigantic on my tiny hand. Eep!

Matteified, it's just gorgeous.

NYC matte top coat. I am seeing some NYC displays pulled, so I don't know how much longer this will be available for me, but there are many good matte top coats out there. I think this one give sit a waxy feel, but I believe that is because the green shimmer is so fine and the black is so strong. Still you get the glowing green in black.

Maybelline Express Finish Jewels n Berries

A russet tinged cranberry red, if you will.

Three coats, but two would be fine. I felt like the brush was a bit of a challenge, but not because of size. My pinkie looks like it got "nailed" for lack of a better word.

Why the "n", I don't know.

I found this at the Ol' Dollar Tree. Quelle surprise!

Still online.


Such a win mattified.

Again with the NYC matte top coat. I only used one coat, but two might have been a wee bit better.

There is really nothing like a glowing red matte. Whatever the finish. Scrumptious!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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