Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dewy Roses

I love roses. I have one old fashioned type rose that blooms once in June then no more, but the flowers have such a strong scent that it makes it all worth while.

The thorns are particularly tough, too, so pruning is a touchy affair.

Chanel Rose Paradise 185, a soft shimmery rose, dew laden and enchanting.

Three coats, no top coat. This is with my daylight corrected lamp.

Looking like it's a spicy rose, with some dewy droplets.

Also some gold:

Here with the flash you can see how the photo picks up the gold.

I recall when I had the Color Club Haute Browns collection and I had three cremes that were nearly identical to each other and all in this shade that I balked. This, however, shows that finish can trump color.

Or at least enhance it.

From my research this came out around 2010, but I don't follow Chanel as close as I should, because I always seem to be swimming upstream to get ahold of one thing or another that just looks fabulous.

This was a blogsale purchase and I am so glad I grabbed it.

It's bright, but in a subtle, back-of-the-room-hand-raised-with-all-the-right-answers sort of way. I think of it as a demure color, but it really isn't, it kind of pops.

It's on eBay, but I sure did not pay anything like current prices. Wow!

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Nice get! $50 or $100 on the bay (the $100 seller wants more than $16 to ship - will it beam into my house!?)


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