Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blue Movies

IBD Beauty Hollywood Royalty

Soft royal blue that has a beautiful glass fleck shimmer.

Three coats, no top coat and two coats would have been fine. The nicest formula. I mean wow, just fabulous. Sad when you see a beautiful polish like this for $3 at Head2Toe and have to wrestle with a Sally Hansen that is $8.

It does have a soft pink shift, but not really showing super strong.

You can see it here and it's so nice.

Hard to fault this and I see that Head2Toe still carries this polish at a wonderful price.
This is part of a small Tinseltown collection. I will say that this is a better formula than a bulk of my Essies. Just saying!

When I think of this brand I think of gel polish, I see it a lot in the Nails Magazine I get. It was nice to see this regular polish be such a great little formula.

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