Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Eden

When Dare to Wear's Our Secret Eden came out it was hell trying to find it.

I only seemed to be able to find it in conjunction with a gel version of the shade or only in a gel formula.

After a spell, I pretty much gave up on it. My weakness is this type of blue with pink shimmer. 

Finally it showed up at an etailer and I grabbed it like it was HOT!

Dare to Wear Our Secret Eden

Three coats, not top coat.

Pure heaven. 

Formula: Wow. Easy. Good, smooth coverage, easy to maneuver and wore very well. 

I remember when D2W was a it more discussed in the blogosphere and board, but now it's just quietly producing this kind of excellent polish.


So glad I finally found it! Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading my little nail journal!


  1. This must be before my time in polish collecting (spring 2013 was when I got into it again well after my teen years)...really awesome!!

    1. It's still available, and it's GREAT. Just sayin'!


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