Thursday, May 21, 2015

Breathing Life Back Into Clarins 220

I posted about this polish over 2 years ago here.

To be honest, I was a bit optimistic about it's real usefulness. Every time I tried to wear it...well, as the song goes "it'll end in tears", so I just put it aside.

Then last fall I started evaporating polishes to see if thinner would help. Thinner is just that: the solvents that are in a polish so that the pigments will work. It's a work in progress. Too much thinner means there is no body, no viscosity. I will sometimes add clear and thinner, but in experiments where I've filled it back to where it was with thinner, it's not a win.

So I've got a few coming up that will show more of this, but I've taken Clarin's 220 and done that.

In the process, polish gets sticky, brush sticks, top opens leaving brush, sometimes the brush dies, this one did, so I've rebottled them.

Here's Clarin's 220 over white

It still has the pink shimmer, but the gold flake seems to have vanished. Weird. (Well, they are just super hard to see)

It's a pretty apricot, a think I have little of, and it's also now a polish that is actually wearable because it dries.

You can see in the bottom photo that there is a secret shimmer that is quite difficult to capture.

I stamped it, too

This shows mostly my still rusty technique more than anything. But you can see that it's a pretty, soft apricot that needed some help or it would be toast.

I don't know what evaporated exactly. I think the Toluene would have, but not sure about the rest of the "baddies" in there.

I suspect that the camphor did a bit, too.  In any case, it's a better polish.

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