Saturday, February 21, 2015

Whimsical Ideas By Pam - Heart and Soul

Hey everyone.

Had many a mani planned to post and now I have a backlog of photos. Some will wait until April, because I'm getting revved up for Greens in March, aka Go Air Yer Bra!

All right: to the task at hand!

Whimsical Idea's by Pam has a couple of translucent glitters that I found by happenstance. Found the christmas one (to be seen at a future date) and this one that is new, called Heart and Soul.

Here she is:

In the bottle it is very dark, because there is nothing backing the glitter to reflect light, either white or metallic.
Over white - 2 coats here - it layers perfectly.
My thrill level with this polish is off the charts.

This can be layered to show a lot of other color theory in action as it changes depending on the base.

I enjoy it, as I do many a glitter, over white. It just pops.

Rather addictive to look at.

Dense glitter at two coats, I had to spread it around. I will keep this one thinned out so it will move the glitters across the nail, but that's not to say it was thick, just generous with the glitter.

See how the layering makes it look like there are more than one shade of purple or red? Fabulous!

I found this via a swatch on one of the blogs I follow (another polish) then saw this one when I went to the Whimsical Idea's by Pam Facebook page. She doesn't have an online store, you go to Facebook, get in touch, see what's available, then order. She invoices you by email.
So retro easy, great communication. Worth the effort.
I will note that I am not on Facebook and I can see the full site and it's easy to reach Pam. Win!

I'm crushing hard on this polish, as is appropriate for the season.

I wanted to make this my Valentine's day mani, but didn't get around to editing the photos fast enough.

Still, as we bask in the wake of that holiday devoted to love (and see a ton of St Pat's stuff already on the shelves of the variety stores) it's a polish that leaves that warm cuddly feeling in your heart.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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