Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SinfulColors Valentines Day 2015 Flirt With Hearts Collection

SinfulColors, from my experience, sends bloggers - at least bloggers like me - an email and asks if we'd like polishes to review. If I don't email back very quickly I miss out, which happened once.

This time I got my reply back and picked four polishes. Voila! They arrived and I swatched them!

Enjoy! ( top coats)

Pinky Glitter

This is three coats over pale pink.
My base is very pale and somewhat sheer. It mitigates the staining below.

A bright, fresh nearly Barbie pink chock full of iridescent glitter that shifts pink, amber, and purple.
It's a girlie polish that I love. I think I could do this polish over a deep vamp and you'd get the pure iridescence and the base would be less apparent.

Like my good ol' SC Pearl Harbor, it will eventually need some thinning, but it's a lovely polish. Hard to fault a good iridescent glitter, isn't it?

Dream On

Dream on,
Dream on,
Dream on....

Ok, I seriously will admit to listening to that Aerosmith tune on Kasey Kasem's American Top 40 back in "The Day".

Meanwhile back to SinfulColor's Dream On.

A bright orchid purple that finishes in a satin rather than a glossy finish. This is three coats. It's a bit sheer, and you can see my stained nails peering through and warming up the bottom half of the nail. I think next time I'll put the same nude/pink base I used beneath Pinky Glitter.

I blogged Dream on a few years ago here. It was a bit more of a magenta, and when I first brought my old bottle out of the drawer I was convinced it faded.

I habitually mark the bottom of my bottles after I've swatched them. The top mark on the bottom of the lefthand bottle was made when I first swatched the polish back in 2010. The mark below is right after I swatched it again. So it has faded into a magenta pink from a purple pink.

Since I can't go back in time to compare, I still think the new Dream On is a much more purple polish. Hard to say.

Love Sprinkles

I topped Dream On with Love Sprinkles.

White hearts in pale pink hexes and smaller white glitters. I dabbed the glitter on with the flat side of the brush, but I didn't have to dig around to find enough glitters, which was nice.
I enjoy a white glitter, only have a handful, so I'm glad to have this one.


This is a deep magenta red glitter. Hex and small glitter here over white.
Another nice addition. Fairly dense, two coats here. Not a "wall of glitter" but good coverage.
A very traditional glitter. I do like the color quite a bit.

There you have it, a handful of SinfulColors from the Flirt With Hearts Collection.
The whole collection has 8 polishes, with a couple of repromotes that I'm familiar with like Dream On and Rise And Shine (there may be more).

I've seen this set at Walgreens and Rite Aid, I would imagine it's at Fred Meyer and Kmart, too, but I haven't been to those places to confirm.
Also, I was hoping Red Ocean would have been part of the clan, but alas, it was not.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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