Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Favorite Mani's 2014

2014 was my Annus Horribilus. Lost my Maddie. Still miss her. Time, they say is a balm. Maybe I need stitches. 

Well, thought I'd look back and see what I really liked.

Since a "top 20" isn't really a thing I do, and I don't often have the latest polishes, it doesn't feel super useful.
But. ("Everyone I know has a big "but" - Pee Wee Herman) I did want to pull together a few that are worth a 2nd look.

Fabulous Is My Middle Name by Nicole by OPI

Lovely and and a rare egg: a gorgeous bar glitter that I really love. Ooh ah!
Three or four coats, as I recall and just marvelously full of zazzle!

Etude House PK11

A righteous formula, a gorgeous pink. Perfection!

Coral Denominator by Nicole by OPI

Seriously the all time best coral with gold fleck I've ever seen. I just got Nars Orgasm in a blog sale, but this one - in the bottle - still does a TKO.
Three coats. Much win.

Maybelline Colorama Purple Party Frankened with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Purple Party in those little Colorama bottles dipped lower and lower in volume every time I tried to use it and it only served as a reminder that it was one of those "sheer, but not sheer enough to be a topper" polishes.
Since it was full of glass fleck, or at least enough to be interesting, plus it had a shimmer that looked so nice. Not captured in photo, but the blue base with a touch of purple is delightful.

Milani Dude Blue

The glossy finish on a "no topcoat" polish deserved a mention. Love this polish a lot.

Misa Sweet Pleasure

A gorgeous topper that stands out among many Misa toppers. So nice!

Fingerpaints Masked Beauty

A delightful, complex gold in the FP autumn collection. To me it's a cooler version of things like OPI's Dazzled By Gold. Easier to wear, but still that multi-shade gilded goodness.

Rescue Beauty Pause

Finally one of the richest, most luminous purples in my collection. Bar none it's not just a melange of particles of blue and red to create purple. This is purple. Love it so! Think I bought a backup, too. 
Excuse the perennial lint!

There you have it, my top o' 2014.

No greens, I skipped green for March in 2014, so will rustle up a batch for 2015. But that's to come!

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