Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Green Sandwich

Change of pace.

Here's a sandwich for you.

Going Green by Sally Hansen in her Xtreme Wear line is quite disarmingly lovely. It's a bold kelly green with a faint blue shimmer. It is, however, somewhat sheer, and I don't often go for it when I think of green. Additionally I find it slow-ish to dry on me. 

What to do with a sheer that is not really a topper? Make a glitter sandwich! I put it together with Revlon Blue Mosaic.

Two coats of Going Green, then a coat of Blue Mosaic, then more Going Green, glitter again, then finally the Sally Hansen. 

In the future I'd put a base of a green creme beneath it to loose the darkness that creeps in, but I like how the glitter changes from generic metallic glitter into pale green and blue glitter.

Since Revlon's Blue Mosaic is somewhat sheer, it can make a lot of coats without getting bulky.

It was a bit tweaky to get dry, but it worked out fine in the end. 

Here's the bottle shot.

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