Monday, June 23, 2014

Sheer Mint

Have a mint here that I found on a blog sale, and I kind of understand why it might have been up for's sheer.

Lynderella Attitude Adjust-Mint

Four coats and it's a frosty, patchy hot mess.

I've got other Lynnderella's and was floored by the quality of this polish, it's out of the norm.

Indoors under the lamps it matches the bottle. It's a pretty shade, but in desperate need of undies. 

It's a frosty, frothy polish, loaded with glitter, little shards, and some suspension luster base by the looks of things. 

Aside from its look, it was a bit tetchy on drying as well. I had to redo a few fingers several times.

Outside, it literally changed colors:

Suddenly it went from a blue tinted mint to a yellow tinted mint, aka what I call "celery green".

My lamps indoors pull green, but the change here really surprised me.

Now, in the sun, you can see the unevenness. I like the glitter and the odds and bobs in the polish, but it feels like it needs some backbone to hold it all together.

Here is a bottle shot:

This is what I love: 
Lots of little sparkly things, translucent hexes, green hexes, minty pale hexes, green small glitter and loads of shimmer, too.

What doesn't work:
The sheer frosty base. Eep.

I'd say ultimately it's a polish that comes with a proviso: base coat is a must.

Just a quick google gander at swatches completely illustrates that it's best layered.

Pretty polish, but even at blog sale prices it's not inexpensive to have this kind of performance. Of course as we know full well, the axiom holds: price in no way corresponds to performance of a polish.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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