Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orly and Essie's Pure White Toppers

Hello Dear Readers.

Still mining the small trove of backlog that occurred during the beginning of the year.

Trying to jazz things up a bit with a comp of toppers.

Pure white glass fleck toppers - meaning translucency exists - are hard to find. Many have color shifts, gold/warm tones, or are just some other color.

Fortunately Essie and Orly each have a tasty offering. If you like to layer, like me, then you probably need one in your arsenal.

First up is a little bit of info: white, for my camera, causes my camera to iris down and underexpose the photo. Pooh. OTOH, I used this as an opportunity to let you see the size of the fleck and the coverage in a bit more detail. 
All are two coats of topper. 
I also included them over black so you can see the crystal effect.

Here's Orly's 2010 Christmas offering, Winter Wonderland:

At normal exposure it looks like a gentle gleam on the nails, though the larger particle size affords a pretty glimmer that dances around in the light.

Here it is underexposed so you can see the shape better:

The greenish cast is purely my lighting. 

You can see it's almost a white flake, only lacking larger flake sizes. I have to admit, I love it.

Here is is over black:

Over black it really takes on more of a glassy look, nothing really seems separate like over white, just  a pretty top coat.

Formula was very nice. I found mine on sale at Ross, before Christmas they were having sets on sale and I found that this was a must have. (among many must haves, right?)

On to the Essie 2012/3 Pure Pearlfection.

In many ways extremely "dupe-like" but altogether different in sized particle. Smaller and more like a glitter than a flake, Essie feels much more subtle, more "dry" though I didn't use a topcoat on any of these, still much more of a hidden feeling to the topper.

Here is the underexposed photo:

Still less of an oomph in the size and affect, you can see it's a much more fine glass fleck, giving a much more gentle icy dew as opposed to an ice storm.

Here's the polish over black:

Similar effect, just more restrained by comparison. 

Formula for the Essie was just fine. 

Orly's Winter Wonderland or Essie Pure Pearlfection both are absolutely without tint, that's a rarity in my Melmer drawer full of toppers, that's for sure. 

I really love the Orly, but as you can imagine, it's hard not to love the Essie, either.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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