Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Than A Feeling

If that title gives you an ear bug, I apologize.

OPI's offering for their Breast Cancer Awareness polishes this year included a pink and a glitter in a pink base.

Here is More Than a Glimmer:

Three coats over white.

The base is pink, and after three coats the pink does assert itself gently onto the palette of soft glitters consisting of a gold, silver blue, green and magenta hex as well as smaller glitter in the same color family.
Glitters are metallic, but the base seems to temper them and they come across very soft and a bit on the pastel side.

It's adorable, in a nutshell. Kind of off kilter for the autumn. Indie makers have dedicated themselves to making glitters, and they've carved out a knowledge base that OPI clearly tips its hat to - if they don't they ought to.

I found this on eBay after ogling photos. I did, however, see the complete set at Ross and passed on it (smacks forehead). It was $7.99. I paid a bit less just for the glitter. In a rationalization I will say I don't need another questionable-for-me pink. (What did Woody Allen say about rationalizations? We can't go a day without one?)

I am sure that there are bunch of glitters that could be very similar, so I am not sure if this is a must have. I love the pale pink, I have a hard time with pinks and this really is a win for me, so on that front, I give it a recommend.

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