Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Woodland Creatures

Here are a pair of warm shades of redwood. They are similar, but one is deeper than the other. Both have a black base, but in differing degrees.

First up a polish I've wanted for a while and found on a blog sale, Jessica Cinnamon Kiss.

Graciously warm shimmer in a black base, blackens around the edges in shadow. Three coats, fabulous formula.
Somewhat hard to find, but there is the Jessica website and it's on Transdesign/
(not affiliated)
Cinnamon Kiss shifts slightly from a madeira to a burgundy. Nice!

Next up is OPI Midnight in Moscow

Very much a deep black base with the same shade of redwood shimmer.
This required four coats, however it handled very well and dried nicely.
Turns black in dark light but the right light enables a flash of this shimmer.
I rather like these blacks with red shimmer. I have a Sally Hansen mini that is similar.

Here they are next to each other:

Really unlike each other Cinnamon Kiss is considerably warmer than Midnight in Moscow, but they both remind me of redwood trees.

Here is my bottle shot!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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