Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zoya's Water Polish, Frida

I have a number of Maybelline water finishes.

Unlike Jelly, these are very sheer and behave as a tint rather than an actual solid color. Yes, in a jelly you can see visible nail line, but in a water, it's all out there, tinting the nail leaving implication of color.

These are hard to get a uniform shade, I've found, and Zoya Frida is not really very different.

I put it over a white base sandwiching Color Club Sex Symbol - a silver glitter - between.

You can see where the brush - aka my technique - deposited a bit too much in application of one coat on a nail versus another and this sheer polish is super unforgiving on that front.

Zoya calls it a sheer teal, I'd say it's pushing emerald in some ways.

Nice formula.
I love how the silver glitter turns into a soft turquoise glitter in this sandwiched form.

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