Sunday, May 26, 2013


Around here lilacs are blooming, white and deep purple, they are so wonderfully fragrant.

Clipping a bough of lilacs and keeping around for a few days is so fresh and lovely.

Here is Sally Hansen's Lively Lilac, in their Insta Dri line.

This is a two coat polish, perhaps a one coat.
Easy to work with and very quick to dry.
Thick enough, but not a globby mess.

The little bit of red on my index is my las mani, thought I would slap some stuff on after camping to try to get my nails in shape, so, whoopsie on that one!
I also pressed my fingers together while drying to get the photo, so I smudged it.

Good gravy, what a hot mess.
Still, great color. Not a flat creme, but a soft silvery shimmer runs throughout.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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