Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gold Shimmer + Purple = Compfest!!

Although it seems like I'm in a mode to compare a lot of stuff, I'm really mostly catching up on a lot of older polishes I've not really gotten around to blogging.

So, what do these guys have to do with each other?

They carry the same color DNA. It's kind of neat. Three are siblings, two are fraternal twins, one's a cousin and another's so distant you could practice endogamy with it! (Just taking the familial metaphor to it's Python-esque absurd conclusion)

It's a quick and dirty skittle shot, so beware!!!

Arabian Night, not Nights, doh!

Here, under the lamp, the family photo reveals itself.

All are three coats, no top coat and just about the same amount of "pretty darn workable quick dry time" except Opulent Cloud.

I don't know if you all remember, but when Sally Hansen release Opulent Cloud, the crowd went wild. It was in a collection of HD polishes that changed two times that I am aware of, then was discontinued. Frankly I have to wonder why? Some great polishes came out of that HD stuff.
Opulent Cloud is a cousin, but the shimmer is a fine one, unlike the trio at the center. It shifts from a deeper purple with gold shimmer to a flat cool bronze in some light.

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. Oh. So. Right! Rich purple fleck, rich almost flake gold. I openly confess that I am so glad I grabbed a back up of this one. Win!

Alter Ego, from Color Club's Alter Ego collection was recently blogged here and I did have wear issues. I haven't worn it again, so I hope it was just a bad combo of base and top coat. Eep.
Of the three fleck versions of this color, it's the most muted.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Gala was a limited edition polish last year or the year before, bummer, it would be a great asset to the SH Xtreme line.

Finally Sally Hanse Salon Arabian Night, this came out either before I started collecting or just after and it's always been on the short list of "must own". A grape purple with enough golden oomph to fill the glass fleck bill, but still retaining a bulk of the gorgeous purple base. Woot!
It's a 2008 Tracy Reese collaboration, which yielded this stellar polish. Top 10 color in my opinion.

Another lamp shot:


Opulent Cloud was slow to dry and I even smudged it a bit, argh.
The rest were great.

Some daylight:

I took this the following morning.

You can see that the Opulent Cloud gave me a case of sheet marks. Sheet.
The others reveal their fleck-tastic-ness in the side light.
Mr. Wrong and Purple Gala have a similar warm gold, but Purple Gala - ring finger - has a deeper base.
Poor Arabian Night, he needs an outing, he's so awesome over there!

Here's a close-up of the center three, Mr. Wrong, Alter Ego, and Purple Gala:

Dupes, no. Similar? Yes.
Mr.Wrong feels the most golden, Alter Ego is more purple and Purple Gala is the best balance of the three, with intensity in the purple matching the gold.

I personally recommend Purple Gala of the three.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. Oh my--I so remember the Opulent Cloud frenzy! I do get tired of SH swapping out their lines so often--I didn't see that the HD polishes were so different that they couldn't have been part of the Lacquer Shine line.


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