Sunday, December 23, 2012

Untamed Luxury Collection: Part 2

Back atcha with the rest of Color Club's Untamed Luxury Collection.

Quick recap: all are without a top coat, Covered in Diamonds is missing as I passed it along after I thought I had good photos, ah well!

Let's start with....

Jewel of a Girl

Rich plummy wine. Three coats, lovely, classic fall color.

It doesn't have that "for miles" shimmer in this photo, but it's great with a top coat. Easy to use, my cleanup is a bit of a hot mess. It can pull a little brown in some light.

Another staple fall color. One thing I like about this one is that it has enough vampy oomph without going black in all normal lighting.

It's a great little polish.

Reminds me of an affordable version of Chanel Malice, though I have not got that one to compare and a top coat would have helped!

Red Velvet

Three coats, perhaps a fourth as I contemplate it. When I swatch I make a lot of mental notes, some don't remain. I should jot it down.

Black jelly base with a red glitter.

I think, for some reason, maybe I was getting tired I did put a top coat on this one. I certainly don't recall it being this smooth when I first wore it. I do recall the first time I blogged it, I thought it was so gritty, so why it looks smooth here, well, did I put a top coat on? Talk about a du jour top coat policy! May it's a du minute!

I have China Glaze Lubu Heels, this is a warmer red glitter. I think the bumpy finish is a little bit of a let down, though. Not a super dense glitter, either, so just as a top coat over black, you kind of have to accept a much more sparse array of glitter.

Untamed Luxury

The collection namesake.

I have four coats here. A really teal leaning jelly base with green and blue glitter. I wish I could have made it look as awesome as other bloggers do, but I couldn't wring out the goodness. It's not such a win for me, though, as others, so I will leave it and move along, albeit a bit sheepishly!

Wild Orchid

Three coats.
A soft rose infused gray, shot through with delicate silvery blue shimmer. It's a gorgeous polish. It really looks more like a blue shimmer, perhaps you can see it somewhat if you enlarge the photo.

If you ever lived in a rainy climate, this is what clouds look like in the evening when the sun is down and you feel the evening creeping in. It's raining, but you can still see all the changes on the clouds and the clouds tell so many stories.

I used to bike all over Seattle, rain and shine, so this polish seems like it pops open a box of memories.
Reminds me of the photos of the China Glaze 2012 Halloween collection gray. Less fleck-y, but dowsed and wintry.

Do you need a Happy Light when you wear this polish? Hmm. ;D

Ready to Royal

The true vamp of the collection!

Three coats of royal purple in a nearly-black incarnation.

Glossy as heck finish, I think this could make a stellar jelly. It's got the bones! Note to reblog!



Metallic shimmer, three coats, golden shimmer pushes through. It feels like the sunlit edge of a tropical glade.

Zero complaints, only recommendations. Some brushstroke, but nothing to worry about. It does have a satin finish, but you needed a top coat anyhow, didn't you?


They should have called it De-Yuxe-Cious.

If Ms. Hautie is cousin to China Glaze Luna, De-Luxe-Cious is the awkward, little sister. Same concept as Luna: metallic sheerness revealing iridescent glitter, leaving bumpiness.

I tried to wear this one with a top coat, but angles emerge making your nails look like they've bubbled, the glitter barely does it's job, though it is the base fails the glitter.

Not sure if thinning it would work or not. Four four coats for this photo and it's fairly transparent, fairly, but the sheen in some light, it's metallic nature, that is, doesn't really show the glitter through.

Eep. Pass if you are in doubt, get Luna and wear it as a top coat, it's a better polish. This feels like a failed franken-polish, which is a bummer at the new Color Club price point!

Snakeskin and Wild Orchid are my favorites, hands down. I do like the shimmers and the cremes, these are particularly nice if you don't have anything like it in your collection, especially Jewel of a Girl and Soft as Cashmere. I am certain that Pretty in Platinum would be much better with a top coat, also would be a decent stamping polish.
Ms. Hautie and De-Luxe-Cious are pretty much failing to pass muster in the finish department.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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