Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gray Base, Medium Sheer, Let's See What Happens

I have some semi-sheer polishes that when put over black looks frosty and brushstroke-y. Kind of a bummer. I've experimented with putting them over whites and nudes, but I don't like to wear nudes very often.
I pulled out a deep gray, Color Club's After Hours from their Musique collection to use as a base.
It's a deep charcoal shimmer, but not a vamp. Blogged here.

First up, After Hours with Sally Hansen Lavender envy:

Wow! Love this combo! After Hours is three coats, then two coats of Lavender Envy.
Boy, that blue flash pops.
Gray and aqua together really gel.
Quite a favorite.
Alone Lavender Envy is a pale purple, a pastel blah that has hidden shimmer. Over gray it kicks butt and takes names. Work!

Next, After Hours with Sally Hansen Peach Dacquiri:

Same three coat/two coat combo.
Again, fabulous! I have been trying to figure out how to franken something with an orange shimmer popping out, but this is a perfect combo: the shimmer is there, but much more demure than Lavender Envy.
Alone Peach Dacquiri is a sherbet orange that has no coverage to speak of. Over gray, it's moved to the top of my list of layering folk!

These are old SH Xtreme Wear in bottles that are kind of odd, but a quick gander at the 'bay and they are easily accessible.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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