Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am, currently, doing a little procrastinating. I have been slowly sifting through my three helmer drawers of red/pink/berry/coral/raisin/rose/vamp red aka not purples.
Then I stop.

Stop because I pull out a red that is pretty much cherry in the bottle but put it on my nail and just POPS with more warmth than I expected. Zoya calls it "a rich sparkling metallic" but I think it's packed with shimmer particles of the glass fleck variety bohunk that are pretty gorgeous.

I really don't see the metallic. In my comprehension of metallic, I see it as a much more refined shimmer that comes across as less than a chrome, but more uniform than a shimmer.

Perhaps I'm over thinking it. It happens.

I see this as a more true red on me. I have seen it described as an orange, which I confess confounds me somewhat as I really have this pegged as cooler than it really is, but certainly orange it is not.

Ok, I still think it's not a metallic, but a glass fleck packed polish.

I've got three coats, though it's plenty opaque. It's also got a silvery feel to the fleck, rather than so much gold.

Now I am wondering if my camera was pulling toward the blue and the whole think is cockeyed.

Needlessly I worry, because whatever tweak I think the photo needs, I love the color because it's a bright, fun red. My favorite kind of red!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I agree; Zoya seems to call things metallic that I don't find metallic at all. They have metallic shimmer, sure, but metallic to me is a whole different thing.


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