Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am currently reading, on and off, a biography of Vincent van Gogh.

Right now I'm setting it down because I'm still only at the phase of his life where repeated failures are quite devastating to read. It's a wonder that we have his gift in the world in the first place.
I will also add that he's a man to whom most today wouldn't enjoy being around, with his zealous enthusiasms and pique interest in some things to the disdain of others.

Meanwhile, summer wheedles out on slow legs. Hot days, cool evenings.

I wore several yellows this summer. I should have put together a little swatch collection, but I have been wearing them over the course of several weeks and got photos of just a couple.

Here is Sally Hansen Sunflowers.

Not sure why I purchased this, it was from a discounter on eBay and it was pretty cheap.

I believe I bought something else from this seller and just threw it in for the fun of it.

Crisp yellow with a distinct shimmer of a silvery nature. It needed three coats, but it built up well, wore well, too!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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