Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Revlon's Retro Jelly

Revlon Blaze is from a four pack or so that I picked up at Ross. Good ol' Ross. They sometimes get oddball stuff which turns out to be kind of cool.

I almost passed on it, but I am glad I grabbed it.

Inside Revlon Blaze sat there with it's mid-century modern zing. Gotta get that!!!

Pairing it with a glitter, I thought I'd try that glitter sandwich:

Very nice, warm, tomato type of red, though it pulls a little neutral in this photo, one can't suggest that it's an orange at all, pretty neutral but popping.

I put Color Club Turn The Other Chic on underneath and it is a bit of a demure glitter in the end. TTOC is in an orange jelly base, but really so translucent that the only time it's a hassle is on pastels and other pale polishes. Here the base vanished.

Here are the bottles:

There is nothing really nicer than a gorgeous red, except a gorgeous blue, green, or purple....hehehe.

Formula on this is great, it's a top speed, so it appears to be very quick to dry.  It also took two coats below and after a coat of glitter, another coat on top. It's pretty pigmented so not a gigantic amount of coats!

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