Friday, April 13, 2012

Color Club Back to Boho - Part 1

Color Club's Fall 2011, Back to Boho, evokes desert colors and itinerant tribal communities. From dunes, to tapestries, to oases (<-plural form, I have now learned!), to dusky sunsets and smoky dawns. I am doing the creme collection here, but will be doing the rest pretty soon.


Some easy facts so I don't have to rewrite: pretty easy formula to work with, though it did in all cases need three coats. All would be great for using as a base for layering and stamping, but because they need three coats, I feel like they aren't super great candidates for use as stamping polishes.

Nomadic Nude

A true putty color. Very soft, beige and like a sand dune on a white hot day. I love this shade of neutral, not too gray at all.

Earthy Angel

Perhaps the most difficult one for me to wear, a rose tinted deep nude. Color Club actually called it "camel", which perhaps you could say rose tinted camel, too. Coat, that is! ;D

New Bohemian

The twinkling blue of an oasis, no?  I love this sort of green leaning turquoise.

Here is a comparion of three other similar polishes:

Left to right:
Two coats - China Glaze Aquadelic - brighter, less glossy of a finish
Three coats - CC New Boho
Two coats - L'Oreal Waters Edge, darker and more blue

Shabby Drab

If you ever get a chance, find a way to get to the desert and see the sunset and sunrise, the colors are amazing, in truth I've never seen more beautiful sunsets than in the deserts where I've lived. The purples and grays that march along after all the reds are out of the sky provide a beautiful show. This is a bit more gray in real life and very much a grayed out periwinkle.

Rad Nomad

Another "nomadic" color. Reminiscent of tapestries and textiles that are infused with old fashioned naturally derived dyes.
This is a bit of a changeling, going from dusty eggplant to dusty coffee in about an instant. Love it!

Red-ical Gypsy

Another rich color that reminds me of a tapestry filled caravan or tent. Or a red velvet skirt.
Ok. Ok. This post is starting to look like creative writing 101!
A bloody berry color that I kind of like, though, I bet I have another somewhere! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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