Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, I've been hoping for some sunshine, but the one day it shone, I wasn't able to swatch, so holo greens are kind of off the table for march, but I plan on doing holos later this summer.

OK, so what do I have?

An OPI: Jade is the New Black.

I am not sure where the title comes from, but hey, it's OPI, pun-tacular polishes are de rigueur.

It is not a super bright green, but not like any jade I have ever seen - for the sake of clarity I've been to museums in London, New York and Taiwan, that's my experience with jade sculpture, and white jade is even more valuable, plus I had some jade jewelry while living in Japan.

However, despite my experience, this does fall under the jade category. It's a soft green, not dusty, but demure. It reminds me of Essie Going Incognito, but not quite as nice, frankly.
I blogged about it here.

I feel like it's a workhorse green. Last time I wore it I was stunned by the incredible lack of stamina it had in the tip wear department. This was not much better despite double topcoat action in a subsequent wearing.

Two coats, nice dry time and a pretty color.

What else to do with a color that leaves me a little less than enthralled? Use it as a layering polish!

Onward with the comps!

I have these three white/cream colored polishes with a blue shimmer that remind me of Illamasqua's Prism. Though Illa calls theirs an iridescent, it sure looks blue in a lot of swatches, although I am sure it pulls some pink, per their site photo.

I am in kind of a mode to declutter and am building up toward a blog sale basically because I really feel I've got little room to expand when new stuff I'm excited about comes along.

Ok, so here are the bottles:

OPI - Give Me The Moon. A milky sheer in a pale gray/white base. Blue shimmer is strong.

L.A. Girl - Sheer Impulse. The lightest latte colored, almost buff really, one and it has a blue shimmer, too.

WetnWild - Ice Blue Pearl. White base, blue shimmer.

I put them over JitNB:

You can see that GMTM is in a pale shimmer base, Sheer Impuls is also in a less translucent base and the IBP is in the most translucent base.
I think I used two coats on all of them. GMTM was reviewed here in the OPI Night Brights Collection I did last year.

No opalescence, but blue shimmer. WetnWild seems to be closest to a sheer top coat, etc.

Then I plonked them over a pale pink/nude from L'Oreal called Pink-a-Boo. This is a Dollar Tree polish that is pretty nice for a base coat and lets these sheers do their thing: let the shimmer shine through.

Photos enlarge, too.

(I sometimes see my blog on a monitor with a different resolution than my home computer and I kind of freaked out how big my photos are, so I am making them a touch smaller)

This is all two coats over the base coat.

I love how this base polish looks, I also like all three shimmers. Each has its strength and though L.A.Girl is probably my least favorite, the WetnWild is such a win, if you don't have a blue shimmery polish, try to find it - it's not on the market at the WnW drug store display - because it does pull a little pinkish/purpleish, too, so it has that iridescence, which reminds me of Illamasqua Prism.

OK. Wow. I just googled it and I see it's a hard to find polish. Yoiks. How did that happen? Holy cats!

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