Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maybelline Shoots For The Stars

Ah, those halcyon days of Dollar Tree Stash-tastic-ness!

I still have regrets - Sally Hansen's glitter frosts - but I have many scores that I still adore.

Meet one of them.

Maybelline Matte Sapphire.

Soon I will be swatching the Maybelline Denim Collection, but for now I have Matte Sapphire to share.

I ran across this polish in many a Dollar Tree, I couldn't pass it up, just look at that! Gorgeous!
Matte, Shmatte! I was going to put it on with a top coat, so hey, who cares?

I honestly thought it would be a shimmer or some sort of metallic frost, but no, it's a nice little navy creme with some silver glitter! Yay!!!

This is before any thinner is added, which probably would help a tad bit, but I love this polish!

I recommend this polish a lot. I won't say anything about comparisions to a certain impossible-to-find Essie, but I think it sates my thirst.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great post! I think I have this in my untrieds? LOL! So pretty! :)

  2. This reminds me, I need to pull out and wear the other gorgeous mattes you sent me!!!!! :)


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