Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Installment of "Is It A Glitter?"

I confess my new job is a busy one. I'd love to say I am in a glamour industry, but in fact I am on my feet all day and should be used to it sooner than later. Meaning I get home and konk out because I am toast.
What. a. wimp!!!

This is a manicure I did a few weeks ago, I really love the way it came out.

Let's start the ball rolling with photos, shall we?

The players are all simple in their own right, and yet together play up each other's strengths.

The base is SinfulColor's Dream On. I believe I swatched it summer of 2010 and it is a bright neon-esque magenta. Two coats of win!

Then over the top I put the venerable Sally Hansen's DVD from her Hi-Definition reboot collection. That was and still stands tall among the great set of polishes. I could wax on about duochrome virtuosity, but really, the fabulous qualities of Laser, DVD and a few of the others merits repeating.
The thing is, that it builds in a few coats and it also tends to work well alone as a glitter.

Finally there is Revlon's Glimmer Gloss collection, this one is Grape Shimmer. A dusty medium purple jelly base with some milky qualities to it, and a fantastic shot of blue particles in a blue mini flakie particle, the same polymer-type of thing that makes up DVD.

The players:

Why are glassy particles  - aka plastic/polymer pieces - so neat? It's that in addition to imparting some gorgeous glitter effects, it is also translucent:

Let's face it, a neutral base beneath all this glamourous glitter-esque finish would poop out. Not Dream On, it pushes through and feels like springtime rather than summer, now more demure with the blue lacing over the top of it.

What is not to love?
Each polish worked well together, no fails in the chemistry department. The Revlon Glimmer Gloss was put on last and did take a bit longer to dry, but that is the nature of Revlon.

Finally a macro shot:

You can see the duochrome of DVD working along side the blue particles of Revlon's Grape Shimmer. Fabulous!
This, to me, is what layering is all about.


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  1. Pretty combo! DVD is duochrome glass-fleck, right?

  2. Yes, DVD is glass flecked and duochrome, similar to OPI DS Magic and I believe Canadian Star by NOPI, with perhaps nuances of difference.


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