Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Me, No, It's You!

When I look back at my blog I have to realize a few things: one, I am getting a bit better at photography, but there are days when I really can't pull the magic out of a polish. Second, I really do have a lot of untrieds. Worse, perhaps, I am going crazy on the new collections. Well, not crazy buying, but waiting for certain things to be released, chasing the odd leming, etc.
Also, can I just say, I really am thinking of doing a whole month of glitters in January. Crazy idea? Let me know what you think. Throwing it out there. I have a million of these and I think the dark days of January needs some lightness.

Back to Misa. In a nutshell, Misa used to be, when I first started paying attention to nail polish, legendary for cool color combos, exciting collections, etc. Lately they have gotten little purchase in the competitive world of nail polish, but I confess, I have such a soft spot for them. Misa, such a nice bottle. Heavy at the bottom so it won't tip. Substantial wand, nice brush, elegant font - up to date, but not chasing the po-mo fad - well, I could go on.

It's You! Came out Fall 2010. In a collection that was not super exciting for me, though I still want Spinning Out of Control.

A rich charcoal gray shimmer that at first glance seems pretty standard. Shimmer, check. Gray, check. Dark, check. Fills in the wardrobe blanks.
The cool factor that I really love about this polish, above even Nars Full Metal Jacket, is that it has this great green flash and rose flash. Yes, a teal leaning green and a rose leaning pink.

Only more photos can try to explain.

I don't think we have color shifting, but two different shimmers mixed in the gray shimmer. If it does color shift, it really doesn't blend the colors, and you can see both colors at the same time, but in some lights they are singular, really changing the feel.

The neat part is that it takes it from a plain Jane gray to the level of a sharkskin.

Here you can see the pink/rose, it feels like it's alone in there.

Then you flip your hand over and you see the green. The thing I could not catch was in low light it looks like a deep forest green. The green shimmer really popped.

This is three coats, though perfect coverage was acquired in two. the formula was a little loose, so I had to be careful applying it. I first tried this with Essie's ridge filler, which was layered over Sally Hansen growth formula. Can I just say the first day I wore this, I was mortified - out and about running errands -  to watch my polish slipping off my fingers like a satin quilt! The gooey base was astounding. Clearly a case of chemistry. The quick dry top coat only has so many powers, I guess.
I have been having trouble with the Essie ridge filler, and I really love the effect of a ridge filler because it helps with the look of the polish (yeah, two years later I finally have an epiphany!).
I ended up putting two coats of Sally Hansen Growth instead, perhaps three. I am scrupulous about drying between coats, I invariably have to do this because otherwise I have issues.

Long story short, it wore pretty well. As I said a few days ago, I work in an environment that brings dirt to a whole new level and sometimes I have to get my nails dirty, and the wear seemed to chip it at the top, though I didn't wrap it. By day three I was really seeing a lack of staying power, although this could be a combination of environment and base coat. Old Sally's tend to be more brittle, less elastic, and are more prone to chipping.

I do love this polish a lot. Among the dark grays I own this is at the top, mainly because of the two other colors in the shimmer. Nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I don't have nearly enough Misa polishes. I want to start getting some of those cool colors cause I think I caught on with nail polish when they started getting conservative. They are by far my favorite bottle design.

    I still want this polish. It's so pretty. I have Spinning Out of Control and it's a great. Highly recommend.

  2. Thanks!!! I know I need SooC!

    They did get pretty conservative didn't they?

    It's like we are all now wanting duochromes and holos and Sally Hansen tried it a decade ago and now won't do it much again.


  3. A month of glitter sounds amazing! I'd love to do something similar, but after wearing a particular finish for a few manicures I start to crave something else, lol! I have some vintage Misas as well, and it's amazing what cool polishes all these companies were churning out back in the day when we took holos, duochromes, and other fabulousness for granted!

  4. Yup!! I have painful regret over not buying the SH Magical sets that were on Ebay about two tears ago! Still makes me a little crazeee just thinking about it! LOL!!!

    I think I will try it, what the heck! Thanks for the push!!


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