Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Part III

A couple of Halloween'y odds and ends!

First: Creepy Pumpkin!

A Fantasy Maker by WetnWild in the headstone bottle:

A sugar-y finish, with fine particles of gilded orange. As you can see it needs a topcoat to smooth out the texture and let that sugar finish shine.
Alternating left to right: topcoat, none, topcoat, none.

As you can see alone, it's very sweet, but  kind of mild. A bit sheer, ever with three coats, you can see right through it.

So, I tried it over black:

Hmm. Well, perhaps not such a win. I will admit I didn't do it with a topcoat. I think I got sidetracked because I started to see  a green flash!

What up????

Let's look at that a little closer!


A nice green flash was a great find in this nail polish!!

Next a couple of greens that make my heart strings thrum, both by China Glaze:

It's Alive and Zombie Zest!

Zesty! Lively!

On the left: It's Alive. On the right: Zombie Zest.
Three coats each.
Two completely different different finishes and still in that yellow leaning green.

In a nutshell, one is a glitter, deep olive in an olive green base.

It's Alive has small and medium hex glitter. Hex glitter! Love you! So much depth, so wonderfully done. I don't think I bothered with a top coat, and I think that would have enabled a bit more shine.
Zombie Zest is a small flakie, or glasy particle. Some color changes, yellow gold to seafoam, to plain old green. Bathed in a pea soup jelly.

I can only add one thing: bottle shots!!

Excuse the tip of my nail, a huge split and stain. Good god, I have nerve posting pix, don't I? Geesh!

No, I wasn't buried alive and trying to dig out of my coffin!

Or was I?


Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Oooh, Creepy Pumpkin over black--good idea, I wouldn't have thought of that.


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