Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typhoon in the Pacific

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are no typhoons. There also isn't any Brucci!

Typhoon Lagoon is a duochrome legend.

I ordered this bottle through Body and Soul Beauty blog. Fabulous blog!

Finally got around to getting it tried out!

What was I waiting for??

I put it over a nude base coat, as it was somewhat sheer. I currently used Sally Hansen "Sweet Creams" because the name is too hilarious and I can't stop using it, but it is a sheer jelly itself which only seems to "right size" the old stains. Nudes are another post altogether!

Three coats.

At first glance it looks like Sally Hansen's Grape Going.

Then you turn your hand a bit...

Total orchid takeover!!! So perfect!!!

I tried it over light blue, I think this is Modern Grace, I was wearing the heck out of it, but I'm not sure!

Pulls it down a bit, softens the shimmer and releases the pink into the mix.


A beautiful polish, nice formula and I'm really hoping that I can find more of these!!


  1. This is amazing! I've never seen something similar!

  2. Beautiful! I don't think I've seen a single Brucci polish that I didn't love. Apparently they can be found at Rite Aids in the Northeast, but I don't think I'm NE enough. Will have to go check. *smacks side of head*

  3. Ha! Rite Aids in the NE!
    I will ask my Rite Aid to see if they can get it!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I will have to pay closer attention to the "off" brands when I'm out making my rounds--I know I've seen Brucci bottles somewhere...

  5. It is a cool color, I don't know what else they have that's really awesome besides their famous green/black duochrome.


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