Sunday, September 25, 2011

Franken: Dirty Rotten Shimmer

Ah, to franken!

I love it!

I say this over and over, but there is a charge out of mixing things up and seeing what happens. When I'm in the kitchen, it's fun, but you may not be able to eat it! (I made marinara that ended up like a goulash, not so good)

Misa's Dirty Sexy Money is the stuff of legends. Dusty, mid-toned green that leans over into the teal family enough to dip it's toe in and enjoy the water, but, it remains green.

Here ya go:

Indeedy! Three coats of a stand out shade. Universally flattering, but still green!


What is not to love? No topcoat, but plenty of shininess! Win!

I had to say that one thing was missing: I wanted a shimmer version. Dubious at the idea of trying to up Misa, I only wanted to find a complement to such a color.

I did use a Maybelline eyeshadow called Sea Glass. I can not recall much of the rest of the recipe. Greens, yellows, blues, and some gray. It was a very slow process, drop by drop.

This has been around for over a year and I keep putting it off. I've been tweaking it like crazy, trying to make the formula work.

Let's do it, bottle shot:

Close, but perhaps a scintilla too grey and yellow. The shimmer pop, though, I love.

The formula, ah yes well, the color is pretty decent, but the formula has been a frustration.

Alone, it never dried. Layering: it would slide off over every base polish, eating it alive. If I tried a quick dry topcoat it would dry on top to a clear plastic sheen, leaving, perhaps the worst part, a mushy mess of base coat color below! So much fail going on at every turn.

I think I finally added more clear polish, because, in my humble supposition, the ingredients in the eyeshadow were not allowing the bonds to form in the polish base, interfering with it's ability to get dry, or even release the volatile chemicals that are the solvents, sigh. Perhaps it's the talc or zinc stearate that might have been in the shadow.

No love, baby, no love at all.

Theory aside, too sheer, won't dry, and eats the base coat still are plenty alive and well.

Here it is over Misa's Dirty Sexy Money, one coat:

Pretty as a picture, but a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel to use!

Monday morning quarterback moment: I do know that I tend to over-pigment my frankens, so perhaps it is enough that I did this and leave it as a top coat, perhaps adding more clear base, instead of adding more pigmented polishes, trying to balance those entailed a detailed lab report, and I haven't written one in a while.

There you have it, a bold franken fail, but man, the shimmer, the color, the...the...let it go. Can't pump up the volume on an amp with a broken dial.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.


  1. It is quite pretty tho, as dirty and rotten as it may be. :)

  2. Thanks!!
    She is a pretty one, I'll agree!

  3. drool I love both. the franken is s shimmery and pretty too bad it is a fail. and the dirtysexymoney a big lemming!

  4. Too bad about the formula. :s It looks lovely as a topper. I got a good chuckle out of the name.

  5. Thanks ladies!!
    I really was reluctant to post it because it really is a hot mess.


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