Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Roman Ramble

Puns seem to run rampant in the realm of naming polishes. I am not anti-pun, who could possibly not enjoy the lighthearted humor in a painful pun?

Borghese seems to name their polishes all in sensuous Italian. Plumaggio Purple, Stellare Notte, Principessa Ivory, Mezzanotte Blue, well, I could go on. I feel like it's a touch of Rome Adventure and Troy Donahue will invite me out to ride on his Vespa. Viva la Vespa! Oops, mixing brands here!

Troy is not my generation, but I recently saw that movie and was amazed at how they cleared Rome out for each and every scene! My taste runs to Roman Holiday - who doesn't adore Audrey Hepburn?
 Then again, probably pre-EU Roma was an affordable adventure for an average American. Now it's all pretentious Eat, Pray, Spend. Really, if a mere school teacher could spend the summer in Roma and now it takes a hearty chunk of a book advance, times have changed.

So where the heck is the nail polish?

Uh, yeah! Film commentary aside, here's the polish:

Cleanup, lacking to illustrate the sheerness...yeah...that's my excuse!

Sheerness. Incarnate. Four coats over a clear basecoat, but coat three coverage began to become a reality, but it took a fourth to seal the deal.
Over black it is one coat and is becomes a Christmassy shimmer.

I love green, and this one is a deep emerald. I am classifying it a layering polish, though, because it is very sheer alone, too sheer to really do much else. Oh, it could be a great franken supply!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I have the green one called Menta in my untrieds, because I heard that one is also sheer. But now I'm thinking maybe one of these green sheers over gold would make for a Peridot type mani? I'll have to give that a try.

  2. You could try, but I've tried that sort of layering and it's not worked for me. The particles, pigments, need to have that color shift. This one went darker, but that's all. Menta is a bit lighter.
    Unfortunately Borghese is a little fast and loose with their pigments, at $8 a bottle, they should be at the very least two coaters, but nope, not many are.
    Except the dark ones, they seem to work.



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