Monday, August 22, 2011

Apple Bottom Nail Polish

Yet again, Ross yields the odd polish set that I pick up and think "hmmm". Wait. What?

I got home and googled "Apple Bottoms" and found a jeans brand.

Well, there you go! I couldn't deduce who made the polishes, but pulled them out and swatched them.

Sun was on my side!

Club Queen

A silvery moonlit color that was frosty and somewhat perle. Sheer. This is four coats. I tried it over something else, but didn't quite make it.

Take Me To The Beach

Sheer, a little frosty, and a lavender pink shade. Three, perhaps four coats?

Gold Mine

A warm gold with a tinge of sparkle thrown into the mix. Three coats. Bit brushstroke prone.

Paris in Pink

A glassy golden flake runs through this three coater. A pretty color with lots of pop and flash, but the staining was astronomically huge.

Rock Star

Still stained after last swatch!

The reason I picked up the box. Three coats and a gray/purple/blue smokey shimmer. Perfection. A keeper!

Red Delicious

Jelly red with holo glitter. Three coats and a nice build of intensity. Love.

This set has the same bottles as my WetnWild Craze collection, so I imagine that there is a connection. Although I've poked around both eBay and the interwebz and seen OPI, Sparitual type of bottles (as well as others) available through Chinese wholesalers, so that's not any true indicator.

An odd set. Some polishes are not even worth the time, other stain and others are completely cool and unique.

Weird, but there you go!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. Apple Bottom? That's a new one on me!

  2. I'm liking the purple, pink, blue and red ones :)

  3. Thanks for posting!

    I think they are kind of neat: small, but interesting.

    Funny name!

  4. Thanks so much for swatching these! I've been on the fence since with this set since there's a store here that carries it. I love the red one but it's not worth it to buy the whole set.

  5. Paris in the Pink and Red Delicious are pretty. Not enough to make me get the set when I've seen it though. Thanks for the swatches!

  6. Yeah, the whole think was a bit of a bummer, I donated all but the last two, fortunately the Senior Care center has a manicure program, they love pinks and rose colors.

    When I am in a rocker, baby, it's going to be holo and vamps.


  7. Yeah, this looks like the type of polish that would be good for women who like French manis.

    For the past 15-20 yrs there have been a lot of hip hop and rap artists who start their own clothing lines. Apple Bottoms is Nelly's brand. (Search "Hot in Herre" on YouTube and I bet you know who he is.) The jeans are made for women with small waists and big butts, and there is a big market for them. I have black friends who have said that before Apple Bottoms they couldn't find a decent pair of jeans that fit.

    WnW makes several brands, they do Black Radiance, and Tropez too. Also those gift packs of makeup at Walmart and the drug stores at Christmas time? Most of those are made by WnW. And the most interesting one to me, for a short time Calvin Klein had a makeup line, it was made by WnW!

    I could win at Trivial Pursuit today with all my useless knowledge! lol


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