Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Still finding many an untried old Sally Hansen from when my Dollar Tree was a motherlode of polish.

Here is a beauty called Sassy Frost

In the bottle their is a bit of milkiness, which is so cool. It's in a tall bottle with a matching cap. Man, there is just not enough love going around for matching caps. I adore them, there is something rather cool about the whole thing: how committed a company had to be to that color to go to all the work of finding plastic and making the same (-ish) color as the polish! I should have gotten a bottle shot...hmm. Why didn't I?

At first I put this in with my gold polishes, but it is a nice olive green with a scrumptious golden feel.

Three coats and pretty easy to get it to dry, too. I felt coverage was very nice from the start.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish  journal!


  1. I love this! I also really loved the old Sally Hansen's with matching caps. Very cute!

  2. Hey! Isn't a matching cap just the neatest? Lol!

  3. How come the DT isn't a motherlode of polishes anymore?? :( I'm not a huge fan of SH, but I admit the matching caps look very snazzy.

  4. Good question. I guess they get huge amounts when companies change lines. For a while every DT I hit was full of goodies. Now it is LAColors, and old frosty SH pinks and beiges.

    I ran into aregional guy and he said some states don't allow the old polishes bc of chemicals. My local DT downsized the beauty aisle and get less polish period.


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